leadership in technology and science

Steuben County is home to the corporate headquarters and global R&D facility for Corning Incorporated, one of the world’s foremost leaders in technology and science.

Since the mid-1800s, Corning Incorporated has applied unparalleled expertise in specialty glass, ceramics, and optical physics to develop products that have created new industries and transformed lives.


Manufacturing is a major employer in Steuben County, providing nearly 14% of the jobs base, which is above the national figure of 8.3%.  Manufacturing specialties include ceramics and specialty materials, dairy and cheese foods, and fabricated metal products. 


Transit manufacturing has been an integral part of the manufacturing landscape in Steuben County and has seen rapid growth over the past few years.  Alstom has chosen Hornell as its North American Hub for Excellence to roll out its tilt technologies to the hemisphere.  The company has also announced plans to expand its footprint in Hornell by building a new railcar shell manufacturing facility.  The expansion has attracted and supported supply chain businesses such as Compin, TTA, and PKC Group.

renewable energy

Steuben County has been a leader in renewable energy development in New York State from the time its first wind farm came online in 2009.  Since then, over 200 MW of power through wind and solar development have been added to the state’s power grid.  Another 600 MW of electricity will be generated through three wind projects that will start construction in 2022.  Several solar projects are under development in the county as well.


Steuben County is home to over 1,500  farms with total sales of $196 million, ranking 7th in New York State.  Milk from the county’s 22,000 cows support several cheese and food production businesses such as Upstate Farms Cheese, Golden Age Cheese, and HP Hood.

The cool climate surrounding Keuka Lake is fantastic for grape growing, which has spurred the development of new wineries along the lake, including Weis Vineyards and Domaine LeSeurre, and has allowed award-winning wineries such as Bully Hill and Dr. Frank to expand their wine menus.


Steuben is the only county in New York to have two brand new hospitals built in the past decade.  Guthrie Corning Hospital opened in 2014 and has since added to its campus to house medical offices. Hornell’s St. James Hospital opened the doors to a new facility in 2020 after affiliating with the industry-leading University of Rochester Medical Center.

To provide the employment base needed for this fast-growing industry, SUNY Corning Community College opened a state-of-the-art Health Education Center in 2017 to provide cutting-edge training to support the region’s healthcare sector.