Business Development

Benefits and Incentives We Offer


The Steuben County IDA has implemented a “capacity building” approach to economic development by facilitating investments into infrastructure and programs to prepare for the growth and expansion needs of any existing or new business.

Our staff pursues a collaborative approach in offering businesses the following necessary resources to successfully expand in Steuben County.  Direct Assistance through the IDA may include:

  • Real property tax abatements
  • Sales tax abatements
  • Mortgage tax abatements
  • Bond financing

Financial Assistance Form

In addition to direct benefits through the IDA, we work with our various partners to develop the most comprehensive strategy which will encourage your investment in Steuben County by providing an economic development package which may include the following:

  • Site selection and site development assistance
  • Creation of financial incentive packages designed to meet your needs
  • Workforce Development and Training
  • Technical support assistance during project development
  • On-going business support

To learn more about how the Steuben County IDA can assist you or determine whether your particular project qualifies for any of the incentive programs, please contact us.

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